Some New, Untitled Poems

First Draft:  Copyright Rose Flores - Martinez
RoseVoc2, June  9, 2011


Deceit in whatever style
Will not prosper
It is like a fruit, not naturally grown
An android, not properly used
It will never satisfy a desire
For it leads to destruction
Of what God has planned.


Some writers, who say they write for Fine Arts
But belong to a group of elitists
Will never be good teachers
To their readers.


Power imposed, cannot teach
Service makes it infallible
And as nature teaches, nature is:
“First it has to be obeyed,
Before it is commanded.”


Art is the genius inside every human being
That shines forth to touch others
Makes seen the beauty of God’s creations
Birthed how that thing called happiness
And love
Work together like

5. On June 8

Cheater, why are you so proud?
When you ruin families
Rob from mothers
Burden children
And cohabit,  sinfully?
Where is the dignity you learned
From your parents?  Where is the love
You keep pure?
Why do you want to rot your heart?
Know marriage is sacred
Woe to you, mistress!
Shall I compare you to a corpse of worms
And a night of doom?


Those nights  laid me empty
And how, oh how, every night
I begged every piece of dust
Be gathered on the floor
To keep busy, dusting
Dirt and cobwebs
To forget
That only the walls stood

Rose Flores Martinez


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