How To Be A Success: Five Things You Should Not Do

To succeed or not to succeed? That is the question.

Here are "Five Do Not's" to Achieve Success:

1. Don't be late.

Due dates are important. Delivering something honestly through word of mouth or by a meeting of the minds between parties is a must. Deadline dates must be met. Schedules whether personal or business require promptness. Project requirements must be fulfilled on time. Being late is a very bad habit.

For example: Students who fail to submit requirements fail subjects (even if they are bright students). Writers who fail to submit to editors on due dates couldn't be trusted by the editors and/or publication. In business or projects, if your don't fulfill or deliver on time, there are charges that is equivalent to delay, unless emergencies.

2. Don't cheat.

Honesty is the best policy. A cheater could be equivalent to a murderer. An offense whether big or small is an offense. Achieve to be honest. There is no "karma" in honesty. There is no corruption in honesty. Deals must be fair and true for all parties. If you think you are a success after stealing (in all aspects), you will never find peace in your heart.

3. Don't procrastinate.

Act now. If things can be done today, don't wait for tomorrow. God will help you today and will take care of your tomorrow, but you have to try to work on for your goals. Zeal fades swiftly as fast as the shifting colors of the sky, so don't procrastinate. If you try, you will not regret a good attempt, rather than do nothing.

4. Don't give up.

Don't give up. Never give up a good goal. Success comes to those who have courage, kindness, and faith. Remember God will not let you down. If you ask Him, he will give it to you. If you think, he didn't give it, understand that God has the best plan for your life.

5. Don't stop being kind.

True success is a reward. It completes in sharing something to others. You will be a good example to those around you, and that will add up to your undertaking. If you are kind, there is no utter failure. All you will think about, is to be considerate to others, give some inspiration and love. Don't stop being kind, every kind deed is a step, a leap, a miracle of fulfillment.

Post Script:

As To Meaning of Contrast

The meaning and significance of some ideas are, at times, better expressed in what it is not. This method is can be called definition by contrast. The paragraphs are developed by a contrasting background.

As Spinoza says "All definition is negation." Also, this method can highlight an idea clearly while bringing out a fact.

Take note that an antonym (opposite meaning) is as useful as the synonym (similar meaning) to widely understand a text.

Know that reality is made up of day and night, and life is made up of "do's and don'ts."

Rose Flores Martinez


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