When We Ask God For Mercy

The earth was created, and therefore it lives with us. God gives us a gift of life, and we are the masterpieces of his mighty, but tender hand. Our ancestors and us now (both the living and dead) would always be home with God. Then heaven will be our final stop, so we could kiss our Father's face and rest in our eternal home.

We have all made visions and stuff about life, knowledge, nature, and our Creator; and one thing that unites us most is love. That love is from one universal God, who is the true Father of all.

God can never be evil, as he is omnipotent and true. The truth can never be ugly because it comes from a pure heart, full of love and concern. Concern is a result of loving someone. When we admonish someone, we love him/her.

Everyone has gifts to share. Even our knowledge and beliefs are of various degrees, but it is only in love that we understand each other. We share because we love.

We work because we love.
We serve because we love.
We discipline because we love.
We teach because we love.
We sacrifice because we love.
We're kind and we pray because we love, too.

Lessons, poems, and all sorts of teachings come to us clothed in codes and colors like rainbows.

Truly, birthdays happen and the earth is growing older. Sometimes, it is difficult to move far from whence everything started. Some of us even grope in darkness and lament the many questions of life. And though, we advance with science, technology, and knowledge no one could create one precious life, as beautiful as it was created and moulded by God's own hands.

When we ask for mercy, we would not need anything. We don't have to bring our resumes, our awards, our gorgeous clothes and estates. Neither do we boast of our sacrifice nor offerings, when we ask. We just need a pure heart. A simple heart, like a kid's heart.

If our own families and friends could be kind to us; what more of a God who created us all?

God would surely forgive and love us, no matter what. And though our frail bodies die, our Father would never abandon. (as from the Holy Bible)

Give me a clean heart, O God.
Give us clean hearts, O God so we may serve you, and be happy to love.

With all that happens now, with all the war, differences, and calamities, in our world today be merciful to us, Lord. Be merciful to us, Lord. Bring us back together in your loving care, be merciful to us Lord.


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