What To Do If You Lost An Earring

"A woman is to be adorned," as a saying goes.

So whether your accessories are real, fake, exotic, or simple; they are okay.

Jewelry, fashion accessories and even body tattoos are amusing. They enhance one's unique personality.

You can try what is good on you and what will enhance your beauty!

Earrings are cute. They are stunning adornments.

When I was younger, my mother let me wear earrings. They were real. Kids usually wore the real inexpensive ones because their ears were sensitive. I got scolded because I often went home with one earring left. I lost one piece, and then another piece. That was offensive to my mother.

Earrings were lost because I played rough games in school, so I dropped them. I felt guilty and was silent for a week. Then all would be back to normal, and another earring would be lost.

When I got older, I used the big unreal ones with different colors which my aunts gave me.

Now that I'm a bit old, I can use any earrings or none at all. Way back in the past as a young mother, for an extra income I sold jewelry including diamonds, pearls, crystals, genuine gold chains and accessories. My aunt and a kind family friend lent them to me on a consignment basis. I thank them for the trust.

Moreover, gems were fascinating! My favorites were pearls and sapphires. My ears as very sensitive but nice, and just the right size for my face were inherited from my father. Earrings were just right on my ears.

An old saying said "When you have small ears you will die soon." My father died soon, so I freaked out! But that was not true because there were many old people with small ears and they were still alive.

My grandmother pricked my ears in the province. She got something sterilized, got antibiotic drops and got a clean coconut husk. I didn't know how exactly she pierced the ears, but it was so painful and I cried to my father. She gave me expensive gold earrings with coral stones to be my first pair of adornments.

Indeed, kids grow acquiring and losing. They have to be reminded to be careful with material things, but let them know that life is the most important of all.

What would you do if you lost an earring?

Tell the truth to your parents or siblings, if you borrowed them. Be responsible. If you owned them, forgive yourself.

Next time be more careful. Know when and how to wear jewelry and accessories appropriately.

Here's my grandmother's procedure on how to wash authentic gold earrings, rings, and necklace.

1. Wash the jewelry in a small basin with tap water.
2. Brush them carefully with powdered soap until bubbles form.
3. Rinse.
4. Boil clean water in a small casserole or pan.
5. Put a dash of powdered laundry detergent.
6. Put in the pan the washed jewelry.
7. Let them boil for (around) five minutes.
8. Wash them again.
9. Lay and let dry carefully on a clean towel.

This procedure usually cleans authentic gold, white gold, rings, earrings and bracelets with real stones and diamonds (not pearl stones). This is an easy and economical formula.

You'll be amazed with the results. They will look new and glittering.

Truly, a grandmother's advice can be the wisest!

rosalinda flores martinez
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