Is The Hair Really A Crowning Glory?

Truly, this saying goes for all time.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our hair. Some make oil from fresh coconut milk and apply them on the hair for luster and strength boost once every week. Old people say that fresh coconut milk is for nourishing the scalp and to prevent falling hair. Some say it is to maintain color or deep blackness.

How true is the hair myth using mayonnaise?

How about coconut oil, mineral oil, lemon, or native citrus fruits?

Some say that stuff could help like the aloe vera plant could help grow thick hair strands.

On mayonnaise for the hair, specialists say that mayonnaise for the hair is a waste. There are proper products specifically designed according to the degree of sensitization of one's hair, whether it's normal, dry, very sensitive or damaged.

Dandruff can be prevented by normalizing the shedding off of dead cells. The hair needs external help, just as food nourishes the body. We need to use some beauty products to make the scalp calm down, says a hair expert.

Survey shows that too much pork is bad for the scalp because it causes scalp allergy which leads to severe dandruff problems.

Indeed, hair care is important as having a healthy body. There is no substitute for eating the right foods for good health. The myth about mayonnaise for the hair is not true. It is for the stomach. It is not for your hair.

Throughout history, the hair signifies significant events in people's lives. In the story about Samson and Delilah, Samson took great care of his long hair. When the hair was cut, he lost his strength.

In ancient tradition, women were supposed to maintain them longer. In Asian culture, for example, noblewoman has to adorn more trinkets or pins on her hair. People long ago wore wigs. Today, everyone can create any unique hairstyle or color as to his/her own whim.

Truly, the hair is a crowning glory. It plays a large part in a person's personality.

Here's my experience.

I am not an expert, but I had all sorts of hairstyles. I have discovered from my experiences that mild soap or shampoo could be used.

Conditioner should be used only twice or thrice because they make the hair thinner.

Dandruff shampoo should be milder and not to be used often because they could damage the scalp.

Hot oil application is not advisable everyday, but as necessary.

Coloring should at least have three or four month interval. Henna is good for those with allergy and those with sensitive skin. I could tell because I'm not getting any younger, but I have long and thick hair that could be brushed up or let down.

Moreover, my mother cried when she lost her hair from chemotherapy. Aside from the pain and gain of chemotherapy, she lamented for her crown and said "I've lost my hair." See how important the hair is? She bought a stunning brown wig then; a stunning brown wig as her hair.


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