A Gift Box of More Writing Tips

Before magazines called me to be a writer, I really wanted to be one. When my father died, fate gave me another turn of paths which I had to follow. Perhaps, it is etched in my fate, too, that I get to pass another bumpy road: something extraordinary, but special. As to how I turned to choose writing as my profession, comes with the beautiful gift box of life so sweet and sacred like manna from heaven.

So here are some tips:

Yellow Box:

1.  Make sure the information is original and with authentic details. They must be accurate and interesting.
2. There should be something significant in the article. Like when you re-read or check your work ask yourself: Did I say/write something significant here?
3. Find a fresh angle or style to write your article. Read other writers, but develop your own.
4. Consider your readers. What is appropriate for a bunch of audience? Where's the article supposed to be classified.
5. Check your paragraph structure. Your paragraphs must be logical and coherent. It should create emphasis relating to the theme or subject matter. (Know by heart some writing principles and tips)
6. Develop the paragraphs and/or content.
7. After all the article facts are written, add and subtract. Check /edit your work. You can ask help from English teachers, writing teachers, editors, colleague, or classmates, among others.
8. Finally, rewrite or revise your work.

Moreover, writing professor Donald Murray on writing and revising says "Words have double meanings, even triple and quadruple meanings. Each word has its own potential for connotation and denotation. And when writers rub one word against the other, they are often rewarded with a sudden insight, and unexpected clarification. "

Writing might be easy, but you need hard labour to get through it. Many writers agree to what T. S. Eliot assents. Writing cannot be completed by mere degrees or awards, but something more celestial. It is woven out of life, from the seasons of time of which experiences, devotion, and wisdom merge as one. Like two hands clasp in prayer, or a blacksmith pounding, the writer would hammer the gift of words or pray earnestly for the right words to come. Hard work is necessary in a writing endeavour.

Red Box: Sample Standard Correction Markers

A Apostrophe is misused or omitted.
B Read the book. Do not merely rewrite the book.
C means construction and coherence; Sentences are formless or choppy.
D means diction; Use the right word.
E means emphasis; Show central ideas.
F is fragment; This can be serious errors.
G Good!
K Awkward!
L is logic; Your statement does not make good sense.
M Meaning is not clear.
Pn Punctuation is incorrect
Sp Spelling
S&V Subject and verb do not agree
V Vague; Give examples.
W Wordy; Omit needless words.

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