50 Reasons To Be Happy

What is happiness? Its definition is often abstract, but when you find it in your heart its continuity is enchanting and conquering. True happiness is shared happiness. True happiness generates love and calms even a wrenching devastation.

1. Life is worth more than a million bucks.
2. The tongue has the pleasure of taste.
3. Walking without shoes is okay, than not being able to go to any place.
4. Thoughts make life exciting!
5. Time is a basic resource. You are a millionaire!
6. Many are happy they have you.
7. You are a challenger. You challenge others to move forward.
8. The world is turning.
9. Yey! We're not damned!
10. The moon and the sun peeps.
11. Air is free.
12. Science ascends humanity. You make science.
13. Ocean has food. Seafood is yummy.
14. The forest has trees for shelter.
15. Pet s and beasts, we have an abundance. They give balance.
16. You are free to work and trade for some needs.
17. There's a World Wide Web. (www)
18. There's a cellphone.
19. The eyes can read, and the ears can listen to music.
20. The hands can do a lot: work, play, and pray.
21. Family, community, and good friends are more precious than gold.
22. You know the difference between good and bad.
23. You can sleep and awake from time to time.
24. There is a God, a Father of all. He cares.
25. Duties are sacred like taking care of the kids, the old, and the sick, also cleaning!
26. Angels are around the blocks. They would help.
27. Cake and ice-cream tame and exult.
28. There are many holy workers to serve everyone like doctors, teachers, priests, parents, students, builders, leaders, toy makers, and more and more to come. You!
29. There's water.
30. Kids are cute angels in the house.
31. There are lots of worthy things to be done each passing day.
32. Travelling is fun like this life's journey.
33. There are people we can share and argue with. Ideas thrill.
34. Wisdom grows as we get older. Thank God!
35. Yes, you can complain, you are a freeman.
36. We know how to smile.
37. Respect abounds in modern civilization.
38. You can understand about good and bad.
39. Chocolates can make us happy!
40. We know how to love and share.
41. We know how to count 1-10.
42. We know the alphabet.
43. We can cook food, eat and be merry.
44. We aspire for goals.
45. The heart longs to forgive.
46. We can tell God everything, he would listen.
47. We know how to bathed in the rain, the hotel, and soak into the deep.
48. Know someone cares for you a lot, keep being good and loving. It will come back to you. The earth has balance. You are part of it. We are all part of it.
49. You can drink water.
50. You can eat bread.

There's more. Be happy! Everything will turn out right, God is just around.

rose flores martinez


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