Why Personal Appearances Are Only Half the Game

Who's the real beauty?

What's ugly?

Today society speaks of beauty as goodness, while ugliness is deemed as being unkind and beastly selfish.

It is very clear and evident that whats good and kind is beautiful, and what's selfish and unkind is ugly.

This can't be word play because the meaning is clear as crystal: what is good, what is charitable, what is discipline, among others. Independence is not being a burden to anyone, yet with it is built a strong foundation of strength for the others. No man is an island, we have to be beautiful for each other.

As we were made by God, we are way above the animals. We are even elevated by intellect and speech, to become good stewards for the earth and every being. We are all supposed to be beautiful, as each is endowed a special gift of brilliance. What could you share? How would you scatter your light?

At work, each has a special color that glows, a halo of an angel on earth that serves. Some wouldn't see them, but those with deep thoughts and love in their hearts would get the hint of heaven.

Although we are tasked to learn and study, our will and heart go beyond any intelligent thinking. We should not regret any action done by a pure heart. A pure heart is the teaching of beauty, it is the teaching of a one True God.

Jesus Christ is an example, who obeyed God the Father. And so in this time, we must live as good examples of beauty. True beauty!

And so personal appearances are only half the game. A youthful or graceful body will soon wilt and age with time. Whether we get all the face lift, anti-aging creams, and body surgery or pills to stay supple and young our faces got the traces of time. Science has its limits. We are God's creations, and nothing could completely take a hand on us, except the hand of God.

As peoples progress, science helps, cures, and innovates. These are God's gift's,too;therefore, people have to use it for everyone's gain.

Coming back to physical beauty, and literally, we have to be reminded to take care of ourselves. We have to be safe, clean, and blooming. With blooming, I mean physically healthy feeling young (no matter the age) and alive with all the zest in world that no one could stop you from being hot, but prudently and strongly beautiful!

God, let true lights shine to the world and touch lives,
Until we're all shining beautifully,
So that even the blind could see a radiance.


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