Supplements: Of Pots and Plots

In these days, everyone practices love for gardening, as a form for healthy and happy living. Healthy living requires good food, exercise and vitamin supplements. Or we can try some herb tea, or plant sap to clean our bodies. Below are herbs from various parts of the world that could aid in cooking and detoxify the body. Try them on pots and plots!

Garlic. To plant garlic needs plenty of organic matter. Divide a bulb into its cloves and plant at the end of winter. Try using your bulbs to repeat growth.

Chamomile grows from seed. The flowers can be used fresh or dry to make a refreshing tea, which is good for digestive troubles. It also aids a good night's sleep.

Basil is common in tropical areas. It is often successfully grown in pots, in greenhouses or on window-sill. Basil aids the digestion, eases stomach cramps, and excellent in pasta and salad.

Borage will self-sow easily. Simply pull out the excess seedlings. It is used against rheumatism and respiratory infections. Its flowers can be eaten with salad.

Take cuttings of the Lavander plant, and it will grow. Its flowers contain a very relaxing essential oil. It can be used as an infusion in the bath. Lavander is good for coughs, headaches, wind and rheumatism, and as antiseptic for cuts.

Lemon balm is very easy to grow from seeds or cuttings. It makes a refreshing tea that is good for anxiety and nervous exhaustion, as well as indigestion, headache, nausea and vomiting.

Marjoram in pot or wild marjoram (oregano)can be grown from seeds, cuttings or divisions of roots. They prefer a dry, warm soil. There are lots of these in the Philippines. They're good for relieving colds, indigestions and minor respiratory infections.

Rosemary needs a light and rich soil. Good for antiseptic gargle.

Aloe Vera is good for the hair and could be planted in moist earth.

Pepper seeds can be scattered or planted. They are good for veggies.

Plant pandan in moist soil or small plot. You can also try to grow it in deep pots. Pandan tea is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure, and fragrant rice.

The popular mallunggay is now around blocks. This small strong tree could be grown anywhere, even in corners. The leaves are good as tea or soup and very rich in vitamin content. The Philippines is abundant with this tree, of good treat and healing leaves. A branch or cutting of this can easily grow.

Brother Sherwin, from the Rogationist Seminary has a special kind of fertilizer to grow plants (fruit bearing or flowering) that aren't damaging to the environment. This special fertilizer (from their own garden)makes richly grown plants, herbs and trees. You can try them, too!

Let us plant trees for the earth. Let us use God's gifts of rich resources for everyone to enjoy!


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