How To Take Care of Your Files

Our patience is tried in various aspects.

Today, should technology crash, files must be kept intact. It is a week of screaming inside me because the laptop I'm borrowing stopped. And I don't know why. So I went to the computer shop/service to have it repaired. So thanks, it is now, working again.

After two days, my old laptop broke. I was told it might take more than a week to get it repaired. I lost some files, and some software installed, here.

And that's the agonizing story about crashing and other computer problems.

Honestly, I'm not a computer expert, but I am trying my best to know better about them. I'm aware they're primary writer's tools, so I just have to handle computers with care. Otherwise, the work stops.

The computer shop (Comp Link) advised me to get one year antivirus for the Neo computers. I think they are right because computers work very hard. My computer uses free Avira, but when it gets repaired, I will try to get an antivirus for one year.

Keeping files safe with an antivirus, is truly safe. Also, have back up files. Or you can store them in a flash drive or copy in a CD. Aside from saving the files in my documents, save it in drive D, too.

Or, email the necessary files to yourself, so you can check them in any computer.

Two years ago, I kept printed copies of my work and some lesson plans. Then, the bathroom gushed water to the living room wetting all my files on the floor. I remember I cried a lot and for days, and weeks, and months it looked like I have been bereaved. But now, it's different. Though I lost many files, and feeling sorry; I feel steadfast and hoping everything will be right. My files should be inside my brains, or I could create new files.

Maybe I have a microchip in my body, for some reasons, but I could not be a droid because nature dictates the commands of my brain. For some reasons, my files are precious to me because they are my library: my reprints, my collections, and my very own beating (sweat and blast). As Sir R. Hass says "creative juices."

Well, I have to be free for around two weeks. I will be away from my files; that which suggests I have to sit down, read, and write. Time for me to print some documents, too ( a suggestion from Article Writing Blog).

Now this becomes a writer's dilemma. And for me, it is like life and death.


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