How I Met Some Good Workers

College /University life is another leap for a student. Here you were young, supple, and started to explore what the world lays before your eyes. This article intends to highlight those people who in their own small and big way become inspiration to others.

I am a Roman Catholic, and had attended youth groups in high school (neighbourhood and school) that focused on my Catholic life. Back in college/university it was different. My classmates and I came from different corners of the earth.

I had my friends, not because of religion, status, or looks, but because we shared the same dreams and that was to graduate. Most of my closest friends were honor candidates and scholars, yet the others have failing grades, too. However, in all these differences we believed in each other and we made sure each one would be accomplishing a goal. Our ideas clashed and sometimes we believed differently, as in a family, but after some brain squeezing we bonded as one again.

As to religion, one best friend was a Protestant, another was a Seventh day Adventist, and others were Catholics like me. For almost two years I went to two churches: some Sundays I prayed as a Catholic, some Sundays I went with my other friends and worshipped in a Pentecostal church. Some people there helped each other and smiled a lot. They were accommodating to us, as students and I have learned a lot of good things while praying with them. Later after college, my bestfriend Eros got married to a Protestant pastor. Another best friend, who was like a big brother to me, was a Christian. He let me borrow his books and gave me as a birthday present one book of Thomas Merton (a monk). We seldom talked about our religious beliefs though, but as friends we ate, enjoyed, complained, but supported each other to become better persons.

During work, I had met various people, one very good friend was a Muslim, others were environmentalists, Jehovahs; others were born again and joined charismatic groups; others were healers and spirits questors, some Buddhists; others Christians of various beliefs, and many were pagan, too.

In all these encounters we met with shared respect, love and responsibilities. As people we accepted each other not of anything, but because of shared affections, as each a life of offering some good/service to humanity and to a Deity.

A universal God is not of paganism, but that one Creator binds us in prayer with all the others we love and would wish to progress; hence a good harvest of holy workers for the world. And of course, Jesus Christ is the example I look up to.

Dear God, please bless our communities, families and friends, and enemies, too. And please let us unite in the God of goodness, prudence and love though our differences. In our hearts You know them. Let us be good workers for a good harvest.

St. Hannibal, pray for us.
Send O Lord, holy Apostles into Your Church.


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