Gracian: A Pocket Oracle

The words of the sages are chants for life. There are those who make a list, and that is why we have sacred books. People of older times made sure we would be getting something. Now, it is our turn to make the scripts to pass on. It is a good habit to make a list like Franklin, like Socrates, like Lawrence, like Og Mandino, or Gracian. Memory can falter, and that is why there's a lot in history to be written. These books and words will become worthwhile tools, guides, and wisdom in the present time and the succeeding generations to come.

Check out the list/oracles of Baltasar Gracian from the book "The Art of Wordly Wisdom."

1. Always deal with people of principle.

Thought: People who are gullible are dangerous to be with. You cannot trust them. Those who could not deem loyalty to God and to a sacred promise are without backbones and could not even defend his family and friends, nor his community. He could even betray himself/herself.

2. Be righteous and firm.

Thought: Side with reason and be steadfast. Though away from the crowd, have the humility to stand alone in truth.

3. Be well-informed.

Thought: Ignorance is not an excuse. Life and zest is a beautiful flow of everybody's collected ideas and updates. Positive issues would help and be implemented and negative issues would be solved or worked for.

4. Know how to take a hint.

Thought: Pray for discernment. Gracian believes that truths that matter most are half-spoken, fully understood only by the prudent. Learn that animals know their masters, a lover knows what a partner needs, and persons close to each other, always understand without speaking to each other. They speak heart to heart.

5. Know your best quality and your outstanding gift.

Thought: Each person is endowed with a gift to share. Whether we like it or not that is the truth. Know your gifts, your talents, your possibilities to fulfill a meaningful life.

6. Know how to choose.

Thought: Choose what's right. Choose your friends. Life involves a lot of choices like making decisions, like knowing what to do, what to eat, what to wear, and which road to tread. Take note of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken."

7. Be diligent and intelligent.

Thought: Don't stop learning even if you get older, or change your status, or do domestic chores. Work hard in any task you're designated. Avoid laziness. Keep working and learning each new day.

8. Adapt to those around you.

Thought: Learn to appreciate people, and work with those people around you. Be united with them in your community, with family, and those in the same workplaces or line of work. There is no greater satisfaction than to work together and succeed together.

9. End well.

Thought: If at first you failed, or argued, or did a mistake learn to move on and search for what other offers God is giving you. Die well. Leave well. Settle for love and goodness each passing day.

10. Make others understand.

Thought: Let others know and share to them prudently. Gracian says "Most of the time things were not obtained because they were not attempted."

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