Basic Rules of Society: Don't Be A Mean Guy

How could we tell others "Don't be a mean guy"?

(Guy in this article signifies men and women of all ages.)

If we'd do that some would throw back negative words in return, some would be in a stage of denial, and some would say "Yes," and that is right.

Life matters to most of us, but in a society full of concerns, there are times, we forget to be good to others. We forget we have to be prudent, we forget to be humble and must serve and love each other. That happens often.

I do not write this article to glorify myself. I am writing the articles to stir thoughts, I pray for good thoughts and positive acts for everyone.

Most of the time I look up to old people who have lived meaningful lives. I try to profit from the good things they had done, and I try not to do the negative actions that might happen again. I am aware that when people grow old, they grow with grace, with love, and with wisdom. They have lived for others like their families, friends, workplaces, communities, and country. For sure, they have very beautiful things to share even in the years before they die.

"A life well lived is a good preparation for death," let me stress that.

There are many ways when we could be good to others. Usually, these way are unknown to other people. Doing a good act is a secret pact with God and to those who received them. Well, maybe, some come to announce them for prayer support.

But then, there are those people who can look so rigid but in their hearts they have megatons of charity for anyone and for everyone. These acts are powerful offerings to lay before heaven and come to be pure prayers for humanity.

How could we act prudently, but joyfully?

Thought: Try to list down the advantages and disadvantages of plans, projects, duties, or action to be taken. Add the advantages. Add the disadvantages. Usually, the answer is in favor of the greater value or profit, but then check, if that would benefit the majority of mankind. If one man suffers, that is a violation to life. What is necessary? And the brain storming comes in like flashes of lightning from north, south, east and west. Hence, we must pray for good guys (men and women) to be holy workers.

Let me share a prayer:

God, we pray for holy workers.
May people not be mean guys.
May we be good guys.
May we work together to move the world in peace
And prosperity for all peoples and nations.

We pray to one God, help us dear Lord, we trust in Thee.



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