Writing Exercises All Year Round

Skills can be improved if there's practice!

Once, in a writing class we were told to write about what we felt our past lives could be. We tried to face that mystery of imagining what we want now, and what if, we had that life before, those events that haunt and/or make us happy bring good writing materials.

One classmate thought, he was a Frenchwoman, another thought he could be a warrior, and still another thought she was as is in the present. This exercise dates back in the past and describes the character one wants to be. It is truly a creation that thinks, acts, and speaks that person in the past. For example: the Frenchwoman and warrior in the past have their own stories to tell.

Next, we were asked "What are the things you can't remove out your closet? What are those you can't throw?"

It is like keeping old socks with holes, soggy stuffed toys, scratched photographs, old bags or any old things that make up a junk museum. We would explain why we can't let go of those things. Later, it's coming up with solutions, how to remove insecurities in ourselves. We have to let go...

Baggage exercise is about those things that we put in our bags on a trip. Give five things only, that you would bring, for example. Why will you have those things in your baggage?

Some writers/students don't want looking for psychological baggage. Ideas for writing come with the different things you packed in your bag. For example: Why do I take many underwear on a trip. What if I left something behind? What are the colors?"

Or: If you would go to the moon and live there, what are the stuff necessary/ or unnecessary you would bring with you? Explain why.

Also, what are your dreams? Some writers write from their dreams like "Kubla Khan" of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Most scenes from the fiction came from the writer's dreams.

Moving furniture or changing room arrangements are surprises how to open up the self. Creative ideas come with this situation, and even the "Feng Shui" has stories to tell. Describe your house, your room, a favorite nook where you love to stay. Sometimes, we move our furniture before or after a major event in our lives.

For example when my mother died, I changed the major arrangement of the house, the furniture, and even my working place. Freewrite!

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