Why We Still Write And Read Poetry In The Information Age

The "whys" of life are many and some unanswerable. Entertainment in films and other forms of arts make life vivid and more thrilling for all to see. We, as humans express ourselves in different ways like poetry. And like the many forms of being creative, poetry endures time, and speaks of life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When I was younger, I could find happiness in scribbling words. I was not really aware how grammar rules were complied with because I was not a native speaker of English. Yet, my earlier poems were in the second language. I loved my native tongue and my second language, as well.

I remember reading cartoon dialogues in both Filipino and English. I held newspapers and magazines, to read only that section and the headlines. I pretended to understand all the other texts, as the adults in the house (my aunts and uncles who were all college students) read. I imitated them, and made myself happy reading what I could not understand at all. I was a "trying hard" learner.

In that way, I have learned to read small verses which my small mind could absorb. Since no one spoke and gossiped with me, I found books and papers - the interesting topics in the house and school. At a young age, we talked about songs, and poems, and rhymes and ideas. Yesterday, people loved it when I gave them short notes of caring. In school, we did that, too. We exchanged candy messages and old common poems.

During the generation of my children, their teachers in school asked them to memorize poems and recite them. This is part of the language subjects for the teens to express themselves, whether about life, love, religion, society, and longing, among others.

In culture - songs, poems, and other reading texts don't die. They just change as to the needs of time and people's way of life. Some are revived, and then passed on again. New literatures are being written in the present and even in view of the future. Films and fiction are creative and good forms of entertainment. They make use of the brains.

Yes, we still read poetry in the information age, because poetry is life itself, that speaks the heart and intellect of man. Poetry is a gift from God, that binds a canon and an experience to become flesh.

There are many poetry sites online like Poem Hunter.com (classic, masters, amateur, and professional poets), Slam Poetry in You Tube (Andrea Gibson and Shane Hawley), and intellectual poetry (Robert Hass and others) to entertain, inform, and sustain culture with fresh, classic, and inspiring ideas for the world. We need to be smart, and feed our brains with good reading materials in all of time. Moreover, read the "Psalms" (Holy Bible, old testament) they're one of the best forms of poetry. If you believe in love, life and connections, poetry will define your needs. Poetry is endless and will exist in any age and layer of life. Now, it becomes a vital part of the information age, too. Seek profound thoughts. Check online!


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