What the Reader's Want

Topics vary and come to all sorts of readers. Writers and journalists cannot please everyone, yet should readers find truth in their work, they build credibility.

How would I cater to different readers?

By changing your daily paper and buying a fresh magazine every week you will obtain an insight into the wide range of markets. While you read attentively, you will learn that the reader wants to be entertained.

The surest way to please the editor and their reading public is to show human touch in your work. Let your manner be easy. The secret of successful appeal lies in being natural.

Although you must aim at sincerity and avoid exaggeration, you may drop occasional bombshells, you have to startle the reader a little. You must make him feel that he is faced with something vital.

You will be a rare writer, indeed, if you do not sometimes detect in yourself a half-suppressed longing to write essays instead of articles. The leisurely essays are satisfying to write, and practice writing of this type can strengthen your style and your marshalling of ideas. But keep in mind that essays, which depend on style rather than substance are rarely saleable.

There are many article writing tips given online, like at EzineArticles.com, for example. These tips are for free to produce better articles for the public.

Check this:

The first thing you have to get right is the title. The subject changes to a crisply informative signpost.

When writing for a newspaper, you must attract the real interest of the subject at once. The opening equally with title, must shoe that you have something new to offer the reader

Sometimes, the first three paragraphs can be telescoped into brief words and arresting lead. Cut out words that are not necessary. Find plain words to take place of any grand phrases.

Is your ending right? Is it firm and conclusive?

Many writers make their articles wordy, making the articles sound with no definite focus. Sentences aren't clear and do not explain explicitly. Lead paragraph isn't startling and the ending quite disappointing. The readers want exact information. They want the best updates, and all these would be best if expressed briefly. Of course, they want the best meat, but easy for digestion.

And don't begrudge the time spent on revision. This is an essential part of the process of writing and to neglect it is to fall short of the best you can achieve.

Rose Flores Martinez
Ezine Articles.com


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