February 14, 2011

The day is soon to close

And the lights will be off

I have enjoyed the texts of Huxley, Newman, and Frost

Reading  and taking the depth of  their words

Satisfied my tongue with mint and my eyes with mosaic colors

Time passeth away quickly, while reading and writing

It was a good hearts day, being with books and coming out with three articles

plus other chores, and munching

That regular day of work, I hope gives me a chance to make things better

Maybe, it could delight the readers and make them happy, too (I hope)

Those are the small things I could do

That would give meaning to the road I've taken

to the chess game I'm playing

and to the beauty of  learning

As to Cardinal Newman's thoughts, let us understand heart to heart.

Good night, and thank God for today.

We would see each other again.  Mwahs!



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