Common Problems Are Usually Not Solved

There are times accidents happen due to lack of safety guidelines and undisciplined behavior.

Around are people rushing here and there, cars wanting to rule highways, and the public not following laws of safety and order.

Keep discipline and safety rules as priorities. Authorities and management have to become part of their citizens/ workers behaviors. Conforming to general rules like, safety and discipline will mean order in schools, workplaces, homes, communities and nations.

Recently, construction workers fell from a gondola car going up the 28th floor of a construction site. It was found out that the gondola was overloaded. Most passenger ferries meet tragedies due to overloading. Motorcycles commit accidents throwing passengers because of overloading. Bridges fall because of overloading. Seating capacities in public vehicles is doubled by some greedy drivers. Moreover, pedestrians cross highways, and are lazy to find bus stops and/or loading and unloading zones. Bike/motorcycle riders are lazy to wear helmets. Car passengers don't wear seatbelts; sometimes too arrogant like splashing flood/mud water to pedestrians. Can you see what's wrong around, and then we would wonder why?

We forget the basic rules and we try to live complicated lives when everything else can be easy and safe. Also, employers have to provide appropriate safety attires to their workers (free or payment as agreed by parties).

Discipline is a task that starts with good habits protecting lives, making the world more free and comfortable for everyone (no tags).

At this time, there is an on-going construction at the back of our house. They're building big houses. And gosh! Their noise is grinding like hell. I reported it to the village manager, and he told me that construction work is 8-5pm. Then I said to him, "That's okay but the question is: Are they disturbing their neighbors?" I suggested that they just have to find a way to minimize their noise and schedule /inform neighbors if there would be an urgency to use those machines. If they will be doing that for many months - that will be really an unfair practice. So the construction boss/manager has to know how to make the work feasible considering there is no disturbance to the neighborhood (whether public or private place).

It is really sad that some of us will do anything just to get in to what we like, though at times it could be unfair and burdensome for others. Even throwing that simple garbage (improper disposal, especially factories) is detrimental to public health. Check on waste management. And then when reporting and complaining time comes: There is no one to implement and/ or correct these kinds of ordinary grievances. "They're so common." Red tape will procrastinate and leave out what must be done too soon.

So the result is: more tragedies, barbarism, and back to an unprogressive civilization. I just wonder that they're so common, but why aren't they solved. We have to pray and work together even for problems that are so common, and live life safely, and with respect and love for one another.


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