Writing: No Dull Topic

There is never a dull topic or subject in writing.

Watching men and women work makes everyone see wonders to witness and observe how something is done, how talents are shared, and how people serve in their chosen vocation and/or field in life.

Work is excitingly interesting, as observed by many writers. Always look at the selling point and don't say "This is a dull subject." Fundamentally, there are no dull subjects. There is nearly some aspect that can be given human treatment, some facts just below the surface that can be presented in such a way as to entertain or inform the general reader.

Whenever you draw up a tentative list of subjects, apply these tests to each before you decide to develop it. Has it a good selling point? Has it enough body? Can I fit it with a title that makes instant appeal? If your subject survives all these tests, then go ahead.

In writing an article consider the freshness of experience. You can relate it to your own experiences or your closest knowledge and observation about it. When you meet anyone, how do you seize the opportunity? Show zeal and get that good angle of news or information. Every man has at least one topic on which he can talk interestingly.

Check these formulas for articles (a compilation from International Correspondence Schools)

1. A New Trend is Observed

Give details.
Teach its interesting effects or repercussions.
Lead to the conclusion that it is good or bad.

2. A Change is Taking Place

How will it affect us?
How can we adapt ourselves to it, or if it is not to our advantage, what means have we for disregarding it or opposing it.

3. A Certain Problem is Becoming Graver

Give the causes.
Show what attempts have been made to solve the problem.
State the reasons why the solutions have failed.
Suggest what needs to be done

4. A Need Exists

Describe and say why it exists.
Show how it can be filled.
You should have a sound idea structure.

Truly, there are many ways to make your articles interesting. Some writers sound too preachy or too proud; don't do that. No one would like to read boring and arrogant materials. Don't forget that people/readers want to know good information, be entertained, and such topic where he/she could relate. Value the reader's needs (according to audience), as if you are talking to him/her face to face. Make readers happy, challenged or inspired while reading your article.

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