Tips: The Professional Freelance

The writing profession is not an "easy buck." But why do some people still like to be writers and pursue the instability of writing?

It is true that like teaching, it is almost a "thank you," compared to high corporate salary rates, yet its the excitement, freedom, self-fulfillment, and honor are way beyond what money can buy. That is my belief as a writer.

My dream was to be journalist. However, I did not take Journalism because my parents thought I'd rather study a business related course. And so, did I. And so I got married early because I never enjoyed my work.

Writing never left me. It haunted my days as a housekeeper. While taking care of my kids, I took up Journalism in a home-study program. There were no online classes before, so I had to write my essays legibly and piously. And thank God, I passed the international correspondence course. That became my second degree.

From thereon, I started to live a challenging domestic life while writing freelance.

To sit at home writing articles and stories bring checks from editors. I started contributing to Women's Journal group of publications, and then to similar magazines. The editors were kind to me and taught me how I could do better manuscripts (may God bless them). Later, I've started building up new dreams that could give worth to my purpose of daily routine, while scrubbing the floor of my little house.

The professional freelance is required to have more strength of character; than is perhaps necessary for most occupations. Many capable writers fail because they lack the self-restraint and singleness of purpose essential to success in freelance journalism.

You should make up your mind at what time of day you should begin, and sit down at your desk. Don't wait for the inspiration, but find it.

If you'd go free lance, establish a real connection between yourself and at least more than one editor. Get more writing projects on the side, aside from article contributions.

Other writers, get a second job that can compliment the writing endeavor like teaching, ghostwriting, and press release dispatch.

Never ignore paragraphs and short topical articles, for in the beginning these will be your chief source of income.

There is one golden rule to which the professional freelance should rigidly conform: The greatest recommendation for your work to an editor is the fact that you carry out his commissions faithfully and never disappointed him.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez


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