Ten Positive Work Habits

Various positive work habits are practiced by successful people. In any field of vocation and endeavor, love for work binds people together and makes everyone happy. Though sometimes, the body is weak but the spirit is willing, be aware that a healthy body and sound mind are investments. If stressed out, try to relax and recharge. Tomorrow is another day. God works wonders!

Check this out:

1. Make a plan/schedules.

Keep a notebook. Make your own calendar of schedules. List down "things to do" in the evening or in the morning. Cross out those that have been accomplished. Short range plans and long range plans have to be made.

2. Walk the extra mile.

Initiative is important. If you are paid in the office only for eight hours, don't work just because you are paid. Work more than eight hours because sometimes it is necessary. And sometimes, even without the pay.

3. Work more than eight hours.

Usually, those who work more than eight hours are the people who succeed. These people even have take-home assignments. These people study and get part-time work for good, hence could be leaders and supervisors.

4. Work happily.

Fulfillment comes in doing one's work piously. When work is accomplished - one can be deemed responsible. Happiness in work must extend from the workplace, to the family and to everyone. Serve with your heart!

5. Try to love the people around your workplaces.

Avoid gossip. Instill respect and consideration for others in your workplaces. Act as family helping the company, your colleague, boss and staff. Collaborate with honesty and responsibility all the time.

6. Observe safety and be healthy.

Eat good food for nourishment. Be generous and giving to each other. Away from your homes - your second home and family is your workplace. Superiors must take concern for the company workers and everyone must observe safety and hygiene for the good of all.

7. Be loyal to your company, but voice out complaints.

Work members must be loyal to each other and the company they work for. If there are complaints, voice it out and make solutions. Meetings are advisable for frequent communication.

8. Support your workers, and inspire them.

Support workers and inspire them. Conduct free workshops and get updated news and ideas, to let each other grow with their work and goals in life.

9. Understand money is secondary to service. Good work is way beyond payment.

Understand that your work is an offering to God and others (for everyone). Offices whether private or public, must be rich in spirituality and charity. Roles of each other are shared.

10. Laugh and enjoy work with your colleagues.

Pray for each other (boss, constituents, peers). Eat with each other. Work with each other. Know that each one is a precious creation of God and has work to offer for all.

Dear God, thank you for letting us serve You and each other, in the work we do. Please work with us for peace and prosperity of all nations.


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