Remembering Names

Are there really power names? If foreign students were asked the meaning of their native names, it would always signify deep connotations. Even English names have special meanings. Parents and elders can explain a history of the names they give their children.

Everybody knows what a sandwich is, but not everyone knows that it was named after John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, a renowned gambler who was once too busy to take a meal (M. Nurnberg).

From time to time, there are new words coming out brought by how persons and individuals live. Words are classified differently. In this time, they birthed from modern technology and the new generation. Online - ESL terms, dictionaries, idioms and urban words make new sounds for all.

Meanwhile, look back at history:

1. Lucullus is a distinguished Roman general. "Lucullus dines with Lucullus," Plutarch "The life of Lucullus." Lucullan  is being lavish, or luxuriously, sumptuous.

2. Martinet means a stern taskmaster. One that is rigid or called to be a disciplinarian.

3. Sandwich is named after John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792); He is a renowned gambler who was once too busy to take time out for a meal, so he got instead, slices of cold meat between slices of toast.

4. Draconian means very harsh. One called to be cruel; "Draco". In about 621 BC Draco (or Dracon) compiled a written code of laws in Ancient Athens. These laws were written in blood and ink.

5. Fabian means caution. One who is a delayer; A gradual or a slow step-by -step evolutionary change as in making decisions. Quintus Fabis Maximus, is an appointed dictator in 217 B.C. to lead the Roman army against Hannibal. He decided that cautious delaying tactics would be more successful than pitched battle.

6. Machiavellian is characterized by bad faith and duplicity; cunning. Author of "the Prince" a handbook of government in which he set down principles of taking and holding power.

7. Sadism This word originates from Count Donatien de Sade (1740- 1814) a French soldier infamous for his misdeeds and writings, and who described pleasure from tormenting someone you love; excessive cruelty.

8. Masochism is extreme self-denial and self-punishment; (Leopold Von Sacher - Masoch ( 1835-1895)

9. Laconic means concise or succinct, such as a Laconic speech.

10. Serendipity means a luck or discovery. It is the finding of valuable or agreeable things not sought for; the serendipity of planets. "Serendipity and the Princes" (1557).

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