Mr Benzon: Education Builds a Better World for Our Children

Education:  A Better World for Our Children

Education is a mark of progress. Together with some rich nations around the world, each developing country strives to collaborate and to invest on education, the simple way of creating a good and motivated workforce.  An educated society is an investment of citizenship.

This new year 2011, the teaching habit of “I Share” revolves in various communities, as everyone: rich and poor alike, work hand in hand toward educating the young; and the future generation.  

Fidelino “Daddy” Benzon (serving Paranaque City, ex-councilor, an advocate for educating the poor) tells about how anyone of us can help children  and/or youth be sent to school through various projects.  One of them is the “Send a Poor Child to School,” that is a project of the Rotary Clubof Paranaque East. The project intends to provide basic education to poor and deserving children by way of extending financial assistance or subsidy to cover school expenses, other than tuition fees.

“Education is the road to a better world for our children,” D. Benzon says.  “I am reminded of our persevering laundry woman of many years, who was hell-bent on sending her eldest daughter to a nursing school.  She borrowed a sum of money to buy a piglet for fattening.  Every morning, before reporting to work, she would collect slops as food for her piglet from neighboring subdivisions.  The money that will be derived from the sale of the pig was meant to be used for the college education for her daughter.”

The Department of Education now and in the past, believes that poverty can be fought by building the capacity of students, and the curriculum of going back to the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, values formation and more.

P-Noy’s stronger planks were educational reforms.  Also, former Senator R. Roco (may God rest his soul, another advocate for good education), asserts that each person can learn and share with all the equal opportunity to continue learning and reap the benefits of education. This makes education to be a public and private partnership.

According to F. Benzon, “The Rotarian’s vision of individually or collectively doing their utmost to send some of these poor children to school,” upholds the Rotary’s (Paranaque East) objective to alleviate poverty; hence, increase the rate of literacy, as well, as assist in the manpower development in the community.

At present, there are 26 grantees from three public schools namely, Moonwalk National High School, Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School, and Sun Valley Elementary Schools, among others.  The levels of grantees are in the third and fourth year high schools, and the fifth and sixth grades.  This program was started during the school year 2010-2011 and is the flagship project of RCPE (Rotary Club of Paranaque East).

“Of course, education has always been a top priority of every Filipino.  Most parents sacrifice a lot in order to provide good education for their children.  Let us provide a better world for our children,” D. Benzon closes.  

I. Send a Poor Child to School / Details

Who Could Qualify

1.     The student must belong to the top 20% of his/her class.
2.    Must be a Filipino citizen, resident of the City of  Paranque, for at least three years.
3.    Must be recommended by the principal or head of school where he/she is enrolled or was formerly enrolled.
4.    Must not be a beneficiary for any other scholarship or educational grant.

Grade Level Coverage 

This educational program shall cover all grade levels of basic education.  The maximum allocation of grants annually shall, however, be 70% for secondary level and 30% for the elementary level.

Application Procedures

1.    Submit a duly accomplished application form together with his/her report card or equivalent document, recommendation by the school head or principal and copy of birth certificate and certification of residency issued by the Barangay Council where he/she is a resident of.
2.    The Committee on Basic Education and Literacy shall collate the date and select the grantees based on the criteria established for the purpose and the availability of funds.
3.     The committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors and/or to the General Membership the Committee’s list of proposed grantees for appropriate approval.
4.    Educational grants shall be awarded every school year.  

Continuation of the grant on succeeding years shall be subject to the following conditions.

A.    Availability of funds
B.    The grantee should maintain a general weighted average of a least 83% with no failing grade in any academic subject
C.    The grantee has not been subjected to any form of disciplinary action involving suspension from the school where she/he is enrolled.

II.    Rotary Club of Paranaque East (R.I. District 3830) Officers 

Beda L. Melgar is president, Ramel R. De Mesa is vice president (internal), Fidelino G. Benzon is vice president (external), and Larry N. Carino is secretary, among others.

Rotary 3830 year’s theme song  shares a dream with the poor children:

“We share a dream
To build a better world for tomorrow
And we’re making a stand
To bring hope and love hand in hand
‘coz this is our chance to do our part
To reach out and touch someone’s heart.”

Rose Flores - Martinez



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