The Most Important Thing: Hard Work

An idle body or mind is prone to the devil's temptations, as the saying goes, the seat of evil. Even God, himself only rested on the Sabbath day. Sloth is also included in the seven capital sins, so I could remember the lazy picture of a child running away from the devils.

A person who works hard and loves his work should be respected and imitated. Work is one of the fulfilling factors that help man succeed too see meaning for his/her life. It is the source where talents and skills are shared serving others and the whole world. Just like the different parts of the body, so should people be working together; each one is endowed with unique and special qualities.

I remember my teacher in Work Education telling us about a person who was very happy while he worked. The teacher told us that his work was just like playing, that is why he didn't get tired. His motto was "Never worked and never will," because he always had fun in his job.

Children are taught to do little responsibilities like cleaning up their toys after playing, throwing candy wrappers in the trash, and working on their homework.

Teenagers are taught to help their parents on house chores, and take charge of the garden like planting, mowing, and watering plants.

Young adults are taught to drive for the family, do marketing, and do serious house cleaning and washing. Each one has something to do and is needed by different groups and communities. Sometimes, we might think that we aren't part of anything at all, because there are others to do the job, but do remember that one person alone cannot make progress. All hands must hold.

How about the sick, who can't work anymore? In bed, they can always pray for others. The mind and heart have special ways and power to do kindness.

In Japan, they value hard work even many aren't Christians. In one restaurant I visited, I got fascinate because the waiter kneeled-down while he put the food on our table. His humility and love for his work made me see the greatness of his service.

In work, like love there shouldn't be tags. Each person must support and respect any kind of work/service whether paid meagerly, paid expensively or for free. All work is noble and essential. All work must not be proud but serving. God will return a hundred fold, together with the happiness of the giver/worker. Try working the extra mile, but avoid corruption.

God thank you for the gift of our work/vocation. Send O Lord, holy apostles into your church.

St. Hannibal Mary di Francia, St. Jose Maria Escriva, and St. Joseph are the saints who propagate vocation and love for work.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez


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