Different Articles You Could Write

What are the different kinds of articles we can write? Here's how: Make a plan of campaign. It should develop possibilities to the utmost. Ideas should be fresh and very interesting.

Keep up zest and read widely. Talk to people. Instead of scorning what falls below your own standards try to learn from it. Writing about the different aspects of life gives thrills and rewards, and the same applies to art, music, architecture and every other creative field.

Check this:

1. articles

Write helpful and meaty articles. Do blogging. Join online articles marathon and invite traffic to your website.

Remember to write what you know and where you specialize. Readers will be happy to spend time reading more information one can apply and learn in life.

2. general interest

Common knowledge and basics of things are usually read. It is not that readers don't know, but they just want a refresher and standards as guidelines. It's like updating books and other manuscripts.

3. topical articles

These topics are about culture and what's trending now. Readers want to be in the loop all the time.

4. news features

What's in the news are salable as features. What is the real score of the news (about people, places and events). What is what? Who's who? What's the secret?

5. informative articles

"How to do things" comes helpful to everyone. This is writing about procedures, experiments, crash courses, and ways to earn money, among others.

6. seasonable articles

Christmas, new year, thanksgiving, feasts, and of course valentine's are samples of this classification. You have to write these articles in advance. Or if you have piles of it, rewrite with the latest details.

7. gossip paragraphs

Gossip attracts readers, but shouldn't be a cause to harm people. The showbiz industry rains with gossip to highlight artists, and/or for media recall.

8. paragraphs for technical and trade journal

Don't ignore short information or photo captions, they often tell a lot. Often, rush press releases are written in short paragraphs. Paragraphs are submitted with various photos picked by the writer, the editor or publishing company.

9. short stories

Short stories are everywhere. Usually, they come in fiction, unless you write the truth and make an essay.

Final Hints from the Famous

Somerset Maugham says "Write as simply as you can as though you were writing a letter to a friend."

"Never try to write anything you haven't experienced. Never use a long word when a short one will do," another writer adds.

J.B. Priestly asserts "Read good authors critically and do writing regularly."

Finally, when putting ideas to an editor, pay him the compliment of showing that you study his publication. Never copy other writers and make up your own style.

Rose Flores - Martinez


  1. Nice post. Very informative for students. You have include every aspect of writing an essay. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  2. Writing ability is crucial to anybody success in their life. It is about about the different aspects of life which gives thrills and rewards. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.


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