You Go

November 26, 2010

You Go

That might be the last time I’d see you again
Everything we shared in that small room

When you said goodbye, I  knew  I wouldn’t
Stop you. You had to go just like the others

In your backpack and sandals armored with
Faith and will like a bull. What we had together

Every time you asked me – was an apex in
My womb that desired Heaven

Our room was the core where we all played
Oracles buckled tightly pushing walls to contain

Wise words and dreams sewn like vines never
Go of each other. Our hymns echoed

Like harps of angels, I dug your ribs of gold
Alone with my hands, chiseled to raise you

Above all

I cuddled you in my bosom and wept for
All that haunted you.

When you fight and

Fire your bullets they become thunder on
Me and a sun melting the earth

Don’t forget, if we’d separate I am
Your mother.  My foremilk and blood

Suckled for you,
An offering on the Tabernacle

I would always wait, wait in the temples
In the glory of Christ’s
Reign forever.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez, ishallwrite
November 26, 2010


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