Read: The Great World Atlas

Read: The Great World Atlas

Countries of the world are classified by the “The Reader’s Digest Great World Atlas” below.  The book is prepared and published by the Reader’s Digest Association Limited and  was planned under the direction of Frank Debenham, Emeritus Professor of Geography (Cambridge University).

The book shows these sections:  the Arctic, Eurasia, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Australasia, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Antarctic, among others.

It points out that Jerusalem is the center of all nations and countries, and the world itself is a flat disc surrounded by oceans of water.  So the monks and map-makers, of the Middle Ages saw the world they lived in.

The Stars and Moons

Stars and moons of the earth manifest God’s Omnipotence.

When we look at the stars we are looking back deep into the past.  We see them, not as they are now, but often as they were hundreds of years ago.  They travel together and vary greatly in size.

Myths and legends are made up from the stars and man has given them names of animals, heroes, gods and goddesses.

The moon is the only satellite comparable to the earth’s size.  Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Aldrin rode Apollo 11 and landed on the moon in ---.  There is no life on the moon.  Once thought to be seas, plains on the moon are called  “Mare Imbrium” (Sea of Rains) and “Oceanus Procellarum” (Ocean of Storms) though in fact the moon is entirely without water.

The moon is without atmosphere, its gravity being too weak to hold down gas in any quantity.  Moon rotates only once each time it travels around the earth.  Since the moon spins slowly, its “day” lasts about two weeks, and it’s followed by two weeks of night.

Myths tell that as stars lie in the bright girdle of the Milky Way, it was the road along which the souls of the dead traveled to heaven.  And on the moon, were thrown exiles of lives for reformation.

Now, the earth continues to grow older and better, but like life soon the sun and its family (9 major planets: Earth, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Nepture, Pluto) will come to a halt. Man has to find ways to save Mother Earth and make life longer and worthwhile for all creations.  The Book of Genesis and chapters from the Bible (old testament) will tell more about the beginning of the universe and life.

Rosalinda Flores


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