God and Neighbor On Luke

“God and Neighbor” on Luke

Life is learned from stories. Lessons to learn for the innocent child and the complex adult arrive in vivid and interesting parables of Jesus Christ (from the Holy Bible), the greatest teacher of all.

Know by heart these two parables:

1.The Good Samaritan (Luke 10)

“Master what must I do to gain eternal life?” a good lawyer asked.

“What does the law say?”

He answered “You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, with your whole strength, and with your whole mind; and also, love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Then Jesus continued telling a story about a Samaritan bound on a journey. This was about a good man seeing a man attacked by robbers. Upon seeing him, he was moved with compassion.  He went up to him, bound up his wounds as he poured oil and wine.  He carried him to a nearby inn and took care of him for the night… and the rest of the days.

“He took pity.” Unlike the others who just passed by - doing nothing.  Jesus said to him, “Go and do also in like manner.”

2. Great Banquet /Great Supper  (Luke 14)

“Blessed is he who shall feast in the kingdom of God.”

A certain man gave a great supper, and he invited many to come.  At supper time, he even sent his servant to tell those who were invited to attend, for everything is now ready.  But they all said they could not come and gave their own excuses.  The first excused himself saying, “I have bought a farm, and I must go out and see it; I ask you hold me excused.  Another said, I just got married today, and therefore I cannot come.”

The master of the house became angry and did not lose heart.  Instead, he summoned his servant saying, “Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring the blind and the lame to feast with me.”

While day to day problems are needed to be solved, gaining strength to battle with each one’s daily crosses would require putting God first in life.  There will always be some people who will give reasons to forget his/her responsibilities, and forget some things he is capable of doing for others; the righteous shouldn’t be fooled.  One should always be ready to answer God’s call in every little way.  Life is short, let God’s design reign.

Rose flores martinez


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