Book Review: The Dead Guy Interview

October 27, 2010

Review:  The Dead Guy Interviews by Michael A. Stusser

The book embodies dead people in fiction. Michael Stusser chats with 45 most accomplished, notorious and deceased personalities in history.

When I browsed at the book title, I taught it was just a boring descriptive ordinary nonfiction book, but I was wrong because it got its impressive appeal in fiction in an interview format living the present time.

The reading is light, yet comes in sparks of laughter and brain information where Michael Stusser proves his wit and bold ideas creatively.

I give this book a “Ten,” and  truly worth reading.

Says Neely Harris (Editor-in-Chief, Mental_floss Magazine), “The Dead Guy Interviews is both widely educational (yes, it’s possible) and wickedly entertaining.”

See Michael Stusser’s list of interviewees:

1.Alexander the Great

Considered one  of the greatest military genius in history for unique tactics, superior training, and innovative motivational strategy.

2.Napoleon Bonaparte

At one time or another, almost all of Europe united against Napoleon troops.  Napoleon earned his reputation as a military genius in brilliant campaigns throughout his reign:  superb performances against the combined armies of Europe, outthinking the massive armies of Russia and Austria (1805), as well as victory versus the much larger allies (1814).  His bungled campaigns were equally grandiose, losing over 90% of his army in one Russian winter, then failing badly in an attempt to colonize Egypt (1798-1801) only to try and save face by calling it a “scientific expedition.”

3.Gautama Buddha

After one particular stint of mind-blowing contemplation under a tree, he attained Enlightenment, and became known simply as the Buddha.  His spiritual awakening gave him brilliant insight into the nature and cause of human suffering, and a  knowledge of how to become happy. 

The aim of Buddhism is to attain a true enlightenment, or nirvana: a peaceful state where the individual is free from desire and self-consciousness.


His painting and sculpture define great art – not only during the Italian Renaissance, but for all times.

5.  Julius Caesar

Julii family claimed to have lineage going all the way back to the goddess Venus, but not the money you might expect for a deity’s dowry.

A brutal commander, Caesar’s estimated to have left three million dead on the battlefield, conquered eight hundred cities, three hundred tribes, and sold another million into slavery.

6. Catherine II (Catherine the Great)

Born Sophie Augusta Fredericka, Catherine the Great ruled as empress of Russia for thirty-four years.  With much deserved reputation as a sexual dynamo, she’d make Christina Aguillera look like a saint, and should have tied a bed into her back.

The Dead Guys Interview is published by Penguin Books.

Rose Flores Martinez


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