Al Dimalanta: Throw Launches Album

THROW: ‘Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay

Throw launches their new album “Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay,” this November 2010.

Formed in November 2000 (after the old Band/Dead Ends), Throw band has earned  a large following in the Philippines’ punk and hardcore biz.

“Hardcore is the toughest kind of music to perform,”  says the professor, writer and vocalist Al Dimalanta.

Most of the band’s songs are about love for country, the oppressed, and resistance.   “Throw is a different beat.”

The new album cuts are “Nasaan Ang Pagbabago,” “Karapatan,” “Madaling Makalimot,” “Mekaniko,” “Ayaw Namin,” and “Ang Paghihintay.”

Throw includes: Al Dimalanta (vocals, guitar), Dennis Maniego (bass), Alan Roldan (guitars), Spyke Maniego (drums).

“Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay” is recorded by Throw Home Studios and produced by Throw. Photography  is by Mina Cruz and Racine Castro.  Cover design is by Alan Roldan.

“May their souls rest in peace.” The new album is dedicated in memory of Ophelia Dimalanta, Ernesto Dimalanta, and Jay Dimalanta.

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