On Leadership (A Book Review on "Leadership" by Giuliani with Ken Kurson

“Leadership” by Rudolph W. Giuliani with Ken Kurson
(A Book Review)

Leaders leave a mark.  What sets them apart to “just being followers” is courage.  Good leaders set a good example, in every way so others would get to their goals, too.  Good leaders inspire and are never ashamed how they share with those who are weak and poor; hence, encourage everyone to do the same.  Good leaders build a brick of progress for all people.  They try to consider they are the crowd and the time of leadership a great responsibility and duty to God and service to fellowmen.

Rudolph Giuliani with Ken Kurson write about business and leadership, in a book titled “Leadership,” published by Miramax Books, New York.

The book uncovers and illustrates that larger principles requires vision and process.  The leader needs to believe in the dream he envisions even though the dream might seem very unlikely, given the current reality.

Giuliani leads by example.  The most effective leader are the ones who allow people to thrive unencumbered  by the burden of low expectations or the tethers of bureaucratic interference. 

Book chapters highlight:

1.  First things first

2. Preparing relentlessly

3. Everyone’s accountability, all the time

4.  Surrounding  oneself with great people

5.Reflecting and deciding

6.About underpromise and overdeliver

7.Developing and communicating strong beliefs

8.Being your own man

9.Loyalty:  The Vital Virtue

10.Weddings discretionary, funerals mandatory

11.Standing up to bullies

12.Studying and learning independently

13.Organizing around a purpose


Real situations in the author’s life show an example of service and choice extracting leadership qualities and how leadership is taught, learned and developed.

“People need to see /depend on someone stronger than they are,” says Giuliani.

From surviving a fire and cancer, among others, the book tells how one can put God in the details of a leader’s life.  

Morning meetings, preparing relentlessly and instilling preparedness in others need to be practiced by someone who would lead piously.  Communication must be open with honesty.  Doing what’s possible and try what’s not:  each has to be accountable all the time.  One of the strongest proofs that a model works is that it continues to do so even after whoever implements.  There must be movement, continuity and progress for everyone.

“I expect responsibility from everyone who works for me as a mayor, I am accountable, too, for the results of my office.”

He adds, “Don’t let critics set your agenda.”

Leadership requires substantive base, and no matter how advisors and deputies are talented, the leadership expertise is the duty.  It isn’t knowing and being an expert in everything, but seeing how offices/people work better for the good of all.

What do you think?  Would you be a good leader?

/rose flores martinez


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