On Influence (October 21)


On Influence

(A Book Review:  Becoming A Person of Influence  by John C. Maxwell  and Jim Dornan)

Who are the persons you are likely to follow?  When are you influenced?  Why do people get influenced?

These are a few questions that everyone asks.

Daily living raises tradition, family, friends, school and workplaces a stage of formation to individuals and groups.  Like the “in-thing” in fashion, culture, music, literature, and technology; influence creeps on collective thoughts.

 According to Maxwell and Dornan,  “Influence grows by stages, and each one’s influence are in varied levels.”  First, you become a model.  Then you motivate.  Next you become a mentor.  Then you multiply.

Quotes were gathered from successful people in and out the limelight.

Baseball legend Jackie Robinson noted, “A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other’s lives.”

Positive influence adds value to other people.  If you are a person of integrity, people will see an example/model in you.  “Integrity commits itself to character over personal gain, to people over things, to service over power, to principle over convenience, to long view over the immediate.

Integrity is needed to succeed in business.

Check this:

1.  When I have something to say about people do I talk to them or about them?

2.  When a person feels encouraged, he can have the impossible and overcome immediate adversity.

3.  Some don not know how to love and be loved.  Driven by need they will do anything to belong.

4.  Napoleon Bonaparte, for example, was a master at making people feel important.

 5.  For most people, it is not what they think that holds them back, it is what they think they’re not.

6.  Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people usually do that.

7.  “But the really great make you feel that you too can become great,” Mark Twain.

8.  Maxwell and Dornan highlight this:

The least important word:  I

The most important word:  We

Two most important words:  Thank you.

Three most important words:  All is forgiven.

Four most important words:  What is your opinion?

Five most important words:  You did a good job.

Six most important words:  I want to understand you better.

When I was younger, I was curious how Hitler influenced his group.  It came clear that those who are deprived of liberty and God’s gift of happiness are cruel.  Helping others get to their goals is paving   many good roads to the future.  Hope is what you can give to others as a gift.  Be a good influence to everyone, be a good example.

“Becoming a Person of  Influence” is Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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