Labyrinth of Time

October 28, 2010

Labyrinth of Time

Labyrinth of velvet soft chants, stay
Dwell in my heart like a baby
Carnival of childhood, teacher
 Of truth beyond  Cities, hold me

When I have missed Big Dipper and
Roller coaster fun,  my wail reached
 Your deepening rites, and I
Remembered I’m but dust and too

Fragile like the leaves falling on
Your hands.  There you were on clouds
 In  caves, rocks, chipped snows, and rain
 Showering  fountains over me

My stories are my flesh, an
Incense  that would lift you -  fly, run
You.  Be drumbeats of Kilimanjaro
Let you,  climb the Horse of Troy

Around and around let go, let my
Tongue moan the maze in your heart
Trace vein, muscles of mountains
Where you kneel and etch those lips

Engraved on chest of blest nations
I do cherish who you could be
Longed your breath in wind of grace
 Every time I glide a kite or

Fire a gun, or kneel beside the dead
All of me is Yours -
Red, ripe,  grapes and mist of
Dawn, cup of eternal blood

Flex  a simulacrum of walls
Between labyrinths crumble
Crumble before time,  you lay
Bring me where Saints weave ripples of

Amaranth and gold.  Shimmers
black butterfly wags you bold in
Stance, ready to plough pollens
Rich milk and honey, honey burst

From  sun and stars. Let you bow,
Bow a thousand times and kneel
 Plant, play bones and meteors, conquer
Free with your arms and hands
The promises of  Moses

Traces of my breath speak of you
My nothingness dwells believing
Flames from heaven will burn  and scythe
Scars shaking boundaries of men

Don’t you leave me now, but hold me
Tight.  Grip my fingers tight, rest me -
On your lap and kiss me.  Kiss me –
That blood I spilled, bled in your
mouth – 
On you - forever.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez, IShallWrite
3pm, Thursday
First Draft flores


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