Global Trend: Sharing

The age of busy workers and collaboration come with this age of global literacy.

Compare when man started to learn how to read and write, to today's computer age. The earth is better now. Those lives before today, lived and died accountable for this new generation.

The earth revolves and won't stop until an Almighty hand holds it up and grips it halt. Time reveals to humans - changes and beauty in every change. There is no need to fight, and call for wars: life must support life. Out with cannibalism, in with "I Share" for global unity!

Today man does not fight against man, but man defends himself against nature and unseen natural circumstances (calamities, sickness, accidents, etc.) that could destroy man.

Today's trend is not popularity but unity. Some call it collaboration, communities, strength in numbers or sharing, among others.

Modern technology brings cell phones, iPads, iPods, notebooks, wireless connections, new and better gadgets to cope up with a new life style of work, recreation, communication, community/world updates and news.

From the authors of "Crucial Conversations" (New York Times); it says that enlisting the power of social capital provides everyone with access to each other's brains, strengths and hands, sharing a profound enabling of power to each person.

Remember the famous parable about the brothers and the sticks? One stick breaks easily, yet together they stand firm. Again, this is the basic lesson of strength in unity.

Bad guys can't totally be effaced like terrorists and drug dealers, but lessening their stand would be easy if the crowd comes together and supports each other to build better communities: delete all gaps, but nurture how man breathes. It is the heart, and that love in the heart that sustains man's reason for life, love and continuity.

As W. Durant writes "We are all imperfect teachers, but we may be forgiven if we have advanced the matter a little, and have done our best. We announce the prologue, and retire; after us better players will come."

Global sharing and/or meaningful closeness is/are life's reality even before time. No man is an island, and away (in distance/ physically) from family and friends, the persons next to you, workplaces, communities become immediate supports.

The internet and today's culture as other settings for "I Share," build and help many people in many aspects. Lines of communication as powerful tools share knowledge and friendships available to anyone around the world.

Rewards do not matter here, but it does in truth because sharing gets the priceless gift of joy and fulfillment of roles and God's design of man.

Rose Flores Martinez


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