Korea: That Special Connection

 That special connection... everyone’s sharing in food that reminds of the last supper.

I know this is common, but for me it is something grand and special. 

In those moments, our thoughts were one as  we learned together.  When I was widowed - my Korean students, came with me in grief and prayer.  I found them a great sense of   worth to continue on living life bravely: working/teaching.

At this time, Korean culture shares to the world entertaining dramas and stories about their legendary heroes like “Jumong,” and traditional Korean cooking “Jewel in the Palace,” among others.

Koreans work hard like other Asians, too.  With regard to fashion, women take care of themselve’s, no matter the age, and at the start of day you can see them well- made and with make-up. 

Korean men are handsome and thoughtful.  At snack time they share together and to those around.  I remember drinking tea and having cookies with them at break time, as we tell stories of culture, communities, and some special topics. 

I know that travelers, visitors love to go to shrines, vacation spots, and beautiful places – but then  I remember going to church with Jason and Howard; Julie and Elly.  They prayed well and were serious.  Some of them were not Christians, but I could see how they respected my country, my religion and my beliefs.  They tried hard to adjust with my poor country.  And this makes me realize that we really don’t have to focus on our differences but our likeness.  Yes, we’re all one and the same workers for peace, love and  progress.  Again, this is ideal, but in our little communities – it worked.

Places near Manila where students visited:

  1. Intramuros  -  the walled city;  Manila Cathedral; Fort Santiago, Rizal Park

  1. Pagsanjan Falls – one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines, situated in Laguna.

  1. Tagaytay – Weather is cool.  Tagaytay grows abundant vegetables and fruits.

  1. Asia Mall – one of the biggest malls in the world.

  1. Baclaran – the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; cheap buys and bazaars

  1. Schools, museums and seafood restaurants

Food Preference

Koreans like food abundant in vegetables and meat that aren’t so oily.  They  can be shy, but are self-reliant.  What more they love tea, noodles and “soju.” 

What can I say, but miss them all, miss my students…

“Dangsin-eul salanghabnida.”

Teacher Rose


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