Why We Miss People

Why We Miss People

“I miss you, I miss you a lot.”

We often say these words to people around us. This proves that man is a social being.

Why do we miss our family, relatives, close friends, co-workers, constituents, communities…we almost miss everyone and everything! Again, the saying “No man is an island.”

We need to love, and we need to share triumphs and trials with each other. That is why we’re always missing.

Time today in fleeting seconds will fly, and there will be another time tomorrow. Where we are and with who we are weave beautiful memories of life. We have pictures, documents, and souvenirs because we cannot hold the joy we’re feeling with someone forever; we cannot forget how someone shared with us happy and difficult times. How together people ate, worked, and played are great points in life.

What do we do when we miss people? Here are 20 answers.

“I call them.”

“I send text messages to them.”

“I chat with them.”

“I buy them gifts or tokens.”

“I plan to go out with them soon, and spend the day together.”

“I invite them to my house for dinner.”

“I connect with their friends and families.”

“I write them, and mail a postcard.”

“I write a love letter.”

“I send an email.”

“I buy them a book or some chocolates.”

“I tell them I don’t miss them.”

“I tell them I miss them so much.”

“ I say, they are so beautiful.”

“ I pray for them.”

“I go to church.”

“I write articles and stories.”

“I listen to music and sob.”

“I go to another close friend or relative.”

“I do some small good deed.”

So how was it? What can you say? Do you agree with the answers. Add up, we just can’t stop missing people.

Take this prayer to Saint Jude (from a prayer book)

Dear Saint Jude, kinsman of Christ, we pray for those whom
God has given us to hold in special affection.
We recommend to you all who are dear to us,
all our close relatives and friends. Please intercede for their
physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Help us to lighten their burden and to brighten their days.
Look tenderly upon us and assist us to fulfill the Lord’s
precept of loving others as ourselves.

Pray for me, if you miss me. Pray for others if you miss them. Pray for everyone because we all miss days together: the happy and sad days of learning everyday that help us become better persons.

I miss you.

Rose Flores – Martinez


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