Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

August 24, 2010

Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

“Unfortunately, we do love each other, but we do get into trouble.” R. Ardrey

“The evidence shows he had discontinuous fire and he was in caves. And when you start living side by side in the small area of one cave with a lot of different families then your jealousies are going to start and your hostilities between each other are going to start….

As I can see, he did not have the leisure, I repeat, he did not have the leisure in which to develop hostilities to his fellow man. Too much of his time was taken up with other business.” L. Leakey

August 2010 is a day of mourning for the Philippines.

Philippines “not” Filipinos, because the “Philippines” (symbolizes) is composed of various nationalities from many parts of the world. Today, the Philippines just like any country is part of a cross-culture and ancestry of diverse blood bonds: Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, other Asians, Europeans, Americans, or Jews etc. among others.


1. The death of Chinese Nationals in a bus siege.
2. The hostage taker is Rolando Mendoza, an ousted Filipino police officer.
3. Rolando Mendoza is an officer with rank and commendations.
4. The hostage drama lasted for hours.
5. There was no immediate messenger/negotiator.
6. The relative of the hostage-taker was mobbed.
7. Some media officers and the crowd were not given restrictions.
8. Negotiators lacked training, weapon, and proper coordination.

News Update /Blogs:

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino declares August 25 as the National Day of Mourning, following Monday's bloody hostage drama that killed Chinese tourists in Manila. Aquino signed an order requiring public institutions in the country and embassies around the world to lower Philippine flags to half-mast (internet post).

Honasan said the committee will tackle the issue on Thursday together with the alarming incidents of police torture in the country.
He said they would ask the Philippine National Police (PNP) for a progress report and then “match it" with what was reported in the media.
“Prematurely passing judgment on the handling of the negotiations and the subsequent tactical operations is not in order pending an initial report from the concerned agencies," Honasan said.
Also killed in Monday’s bloodbath was the hostage-taker, Rolando Mendoza, a dismissed policeman who was demanding, among others, his reinstatement into the police force. He was facing charges of misconduct before the Office of the Ombudsman for his alleged involvement in an extortion and illegal arrest case (GMA News TV, August 25.)
Call to Action from lawmakers, government and concerned citizens; public opinions/posts:
Pia Cayetano said the incident should prompt the Ombudsman to “be mindful" of its duty to act with dispatch on cases pending before it. “The delay triggered Mendoza’s frustrations," she noted.
She likewise called on the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to review its grievance mechanism for police personnel.
G. Honasan said the 11-hour hostage-taking incident could have been handled much better, but stopped short at putting all the blame to the police force. “We will have to train, train harder and prepare better continuously for an eventuality we pray will never happen again."
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has formed a task force to look into the hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila that resulted in the death of Chinese nationals.
DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo said the joint DILG-Department of Justice task force will determine the series of events during the incident and those who would be held accountable for the bloody outcome.
"The team shall look into all angles of the case — if there was a strategic and coordinated operations plan, if the rules of engagement were followed, if the areas was properly cordoned off from bystanders and the media — and then make proper recommendations to the President," Robredo added.
"Evidently, the police lack the proper equipment and the appropriate skills and training to handle these kinds of situations."
He also said he would check the alleged improper mishandling and arrest of former police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza’s brother — Senior Police Officer 2 Gregorio Mendoza — amid the negotiation.
"It could have agitated the hostage-taker," Robredo pointed out.
Robredo said he would order a review of media protocols and schedule a meeting with broadcast leaders to discuss and agree on certain policies during delicate situations such as a hostage crisis (By Dennis Carcamo, Philstar News Service).
“Aquino already met with Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Liu Jianchao and assured the Chinese government that the country will extend all assistance to victims and to all relatives of the victims,” said Lacierda.
Aquino has ordered an investigation into the case of Rolando Mendoza who was dismissed from the Philippine National Police to know whether his claims were valid. (Yahoo Online News)
“We demand that the Philippine authorities conduct a detailed and comprehensive investigation on the incident. They must provide a full account to us as soon as possible,” Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang said.


I. Avoid putting life at stake.

Life was at stake in the hostage spot. Avoid putting life at stake. The government should be able to protect the life of its foreigners, just like its citizens. More than anything, what matters is life. Man has one life to live; it commands respect, acceptance and charity. In the process of evolution there is mixing of people from different backgrounds until they realize that they are all and one the same.

It is not only Hong Kong who lost lives, but Filipinos, too – lost their Chinese brothers and sisters. It is everyone’s loss. It was an accident, and the same could be prevented in the future.

At most, Rolando Mendoza couldn’t be considered a real murderer because he was a man who worked, but was not given a chance to air his side. He was a poor police Filipino officer who worked hard, was given awards, but in the end lost his job (without pension) due to an unresolved case. Where would he get his share of his basic needs without a job, after toiling for long years of service in his community? What do you think and whereto his merits?

He went amuck.

Next to families, workplaces become the support group of individuals. A psychiatrist once said: “If someone says he would commit suicide, deem it serious.” Mendoza could be OUT of his mind, and could have been given helped by people around him in the tragic times of his career. Was it foul play or betrayal from others? Or whether or not his claims were valid, an outrage like a coup d’etat means grievance and is supposed to meet on issues. Hostility can never solve problems, unless man is ready for a war.

When the stomach is empty, there is no other way. There is nothing to hunt. No job, and so much leisure of not surviving.


The sacrificial lambs are families/any group member: father, mother, children, workers, leader, community, friends. There shouldn’t be any tags as to nationalities nor racial discrimination. Many Filipinos have Chinese origins and vice versa (I have part Chinese blood). No one owns the world, only that people live in different habitations.

What recently happened couldn’t be blamed in the present groups/government. It is a result of several transitions. As it occurred today, it has to be given immediate action to prevent simple problems turned into national problems; national problems turned into global rifts.

K. Popper on violence: “… we can learn by listening to concrete claims, by patiently trying to assess them as impartially as we can., and by considering ways of meeting them without creating worse evil.”

“You can’t really kill people if you have a real feeling that they also have faith and are meaningful in this life or the world,” quotes Sir Leakey.

One purpose of life is to put man in touch with his fellow man. Life’s done with hunting, the earth is older. Evolution should utilize improvements and life must go on healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

St. Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us.

Mother Mary, we pray for healing of nations.

Rose Flores - Martinez
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