The Progress of Civilizations

The Progress of Civilizations

Culture has aided man toward the development and progress of a generation.

Man not only develops behavioral traits but also physical ones. As an example among others, the hunting way of life made man develop the erect posture, and this necessitated the development of large buttocks.

What man is socially, comes up to be brought by the time where he/she lives.

Check out the consequence of tool making and tool usage when the hand has become a magnificent precision instrument.

How man adapts himself at a given time and in over all time is culture. How time weaves life from the beginning to the present, and how the inhabitants progress through education or training result to fascinating developments.

Scientists have been able to reveal that the average person in any human society is able to learn just as much as the average person in any other society.

Today’s culture brings the advanced methods of sciences like inventing modern medicines compared to yesterday’s leaves and saps. But then, today, even leaves and saps become great sources of new inventions.

Studies are thoroughly used in the new technology of today’s communication using cellphones, the internet, highly powered nuclear discoveries, new breeds of animals and plants, and even cell innovations like cell transfers , and more.

Fashion gives rise to new forms of clothing in the changing sun and moons and earth temperatures.

Man and food go hand in hand. Without food he/she cannot survive. Food is a basic need, therefore people don’t stop working – as compared to primitive hunters.

Human population is tending to come together physically and culture is one essential factor to the rise and fall of a group of peoples. The development by mind and body through education and proper training will produce man of refinement and respect. Culture if handled properly by leaders and constituents would make everyone a good worker of his time and of his tribe.

The man who competes for himself is a selfish man and would cause destruction, but a man who competes and works for everyone is the man who would advance culture to an esteemed place now and in the succeeding generations.

It is an immediate task to enable the people of all nations to come together spiritually and culturally. As the body has many parts, all the body parts must seek to aim growth like the metamorphosis of the butterfly or the transfiguration of holy workers into men of work, peace, and unity.

Rose Flores - Martinez


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