Distance Learning Tips: How to Succeed in Online Learning

Distance Learning Tips: How To Succeed in Online Learning

Learning is successful if there is hard work. In whatever endeavor, we have to get focused in our goals. Yes, whatever happens!

You will measure success if you have achieved all you should have accomplished at given dates and time like for example: finishing a project. Learning is also working; it is another aspect of how you use time wisely, how you profit in your goals (material and nonmaterial), and how you manage to do life goals with everyone and your community. Know that learning works best if it’s not just for you, but your responsibility that others must share in the benefits. It is like one nation working for peace, one student pushing for graduation, parents sending kids to school, and one leader laying food for his country, among others.

Distance learning is favored, and such a precious gift of technology. It easily links work and urgent schedules in whatever place like the internet.

Of course, success must be sought in this field, as well. It is not a joke to risk time, effort, and money learning online – it is equal to going to a school, only that modern technology makes it more convenient and more adaptive in today’s culture.

Most in the online community are people who work independently, and with a bulk of work. They are the people trying to pioneer and sample a new generation of trust and positive working habits. I say, they are result oriented because learning online goes hand in hand with other valued work.


1. Set exact time and place, a small work/study place of your own.
2. Don’t be late for meetings.
3. Work/submit assignments, homework, and /or practice sets.
4. Give updates to your online community, classes, and work associates.
5. Send the necessary communication /email as required (ahead of time). Inform of absences, change of schedules, considering other factors.
6. Inform/ and assure your community a feedback, if there were problems you weren’t able to relay in advance.
7. Follow a syllabus and or make plans (work plans, lesson plans, study plans).
8. Know how to write emails (personal, professional, other mails)
9. Deliver a finish project or result such as presentations online, as required.
10. Measure the quality of your learning endeavor: is there progress? Can you update yourself with online news and adapt with the global community?
11. Evaluate your values, with your online learning goals. You have to trust and work diligently with your community. What does the online community /culture made of you: an asset or a liability?

12.. Practice and learn piously, and full of enthusiasm. Update with materials from various sources.

Warning: Learning online is not suitable for lazy people. Learning online is for people who should endeavor grand results, the fruits of modern technology(world wide web), and sharing in the global culture of leaders and workers all in one medium: life.

Thank God!

Happy learning and smile everyday!

Rose Flores - Martinez


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