The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

How could the character of “Bidam” in the drama series “Queen Seon Duk” be forgotten?  You Tube followers admire Kim Nang Gil in his commendable acting.

I saw this character last year in a role that I will cherish.  I fell in love with Bidam.  Maybe, because the actor who portrays the role is handsome and with awesome acting talent.

When his eyes moved they show what he’s in for:  what he wants without talking.  His eyes express the story he is acting upon.  The role suits him so the viewers want to connect.

“Bidam” breathes like us.  He becomes one of us.

And though the show is fiction (almost based in Korean legends), it brings Korea to where the viewers are.

In this regard, a short fiction story must put emphasis on character, remember “Frankenstein?”  Different fictional worlds make different demands to the reader and get various responses creating real characters with flesh and blood.

Movies with movie characters alive and never forgotten are the following, among others:

Batman ( portrayed by Val Kilmer)
The Gladiator (Russel Crowe)
The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe)
Dog Day Afternoon and Devil’s Advocate ( Al Pacino)
James Bond    (Sean Connery)
The X- Men   (all characters)
Pirates of the Carribean (Johnny Depp)
Dead Poet’s Society (Robin Williams)
Eclipse (Robert Pattinson)
Titanic (Leonardo de Caprio)

Usually they’re the superheroes that are remembered.  Perhaps it is about love, loyalty, and good works to people.  

“Bidam” falls in love with the Queen Seon Duk in the drama.  He is the man who will not fear anyone, and will give up his mother because of his loyalty to a friend.  He understands what his love asks of him.  In the end, all of him as  a sacrifice for a beloved.  “Bidam” stands as a man till death, only devoted to love.  He fights because of love.  He will see the Queen fighting for love.  Nothing stops him, unto the valley of death, if for love.

Here, I can remember the poem “Charge of the Light Brigade” with cannons left and right.  With “Bidam” they are arrows and swords.  Emotional intensities brought to the audience  succeed in this characterization.

Truly, it is fiction, far unto real life, but like life.  There is not a man to do that, if only for love, but Jesus Christ when He saved mankind. 


Rose Flores – Martinez


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