Thank You Sacred Heart

september 4

i have read several blogs today, the blogs that i follow

"i learn from these blogs."

and then, i have watched a poemfilm and read poetry

the poem film by sir eric gamalinda titled "triptych," showed a lot of everything. beautiful

nature let me know that "nothing" is beautiful. i was waiting for something to pop out on

the screen, yeti know something wouldnt pop out. it showed me i could be there

a lot more into it. music, sounds, moving pictures, whispers in my ear and windows in my

eyes - the western wall in front of me, pope benedict xvi praying

what transpired today is a meaningful day after the mass offered for my late aunt asela in

remembrance of her death

and then, i was happy to be with different people during work time : plumber, gardener,

garbage collector, beautician, and a street vendor, among others. i thank GOD for good

workers of the the Lord,like them - those who value and love their work and serve others

offering the talent given them by GOD

nothing new in the recesses of my nature. only that, i would write as my heart craves to do

so. i would write as GOD leads me. i would write as people and creations inspire me.

nothing could stop the words that flow inside me - in my blood vessels,in my stream of

memory, my passion for nothingness and everything

the wind tells me where before i was haunted by awards in writing ( i dont have any yet) and

popularity in a field of expertise - maybe, this is a time to stop. i have tried my best,

and i just couldnt drag myself to so many wants. i just have to write and produce and that

is all. there are limits one has to understand as there are possibilities one has to attain.

that will be my success and purpose. i couldnt put myself where i am not. im aware i have

a different path to take. i would only write to share and experience that happiness

completing me, as i write from my heart. whether its fiction, or nonfiction, or poetry, or

anything... my words will speak like a spark in the night and warmth in the cold of dawn

beauty lays in accepting facts of reality and possibilities of fiction

i could not deny that texts i read become part of who i am. i filter and try to get the

best i could have in the situation i am binded. sublimation in psychology. the

interpretation of dreams by freud. i am locked in my chair but inspired by respected

writing professors

all those good things happened today. i did not ask for it. GOD gave gave me rain in the

morning and rain, now in the evening. He knows what my heart desires. He would fill it up

just as He fills your heart and all our hearts with that great love we couldnt understand.

i have learned that today. thank you Sacred Heart. thank you all.

8:25pm, philippines 2009


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