GSIS Late Payment to Pensioners

September 25, 2009

Tonight, I heard on TV,over GMA News primetime slot, about the statement of one GSIS officer (I forgot her name), that pensions they're giving to Filipino pensioners are on time, and it's a matter of days that is only delayed because of their computer upgrade. HERE THEY ARE LYING. Why would these old people line up in GSIS, out their way for nothing? Of course, many senior citizens complain but the GSIS, the government, ignores because now --- the people are asking for the money due them and they could not give it on the spot. WHY? Didn't they have that budget and allotment? GSIS personnels promised to give within their time frame until September 23. Why cannot they give OVER THE COUNTER? If their systems would fail, records should be available to the public in any form.

I went there and talked with several people asking if my mother, a retired teacher could get her pension because her pension is two months delayed as of August this year. And now, it is September 25, and very much delayed for more or less two months. I told them we need the money to buy medicines ( my mother has cancer) and got that opportunity to talk for ALL THE SENIORS around. GSIS said... we have to wait, because of their upgrade. As I understand, an upgrade of system is supposed to be fast and accurate. PLEASE GSIS, STOP LYING... where is the money allotted to the people? Where is your budget? Did the government splurge on it?

I am just an ordinary citizen, but the government should swear an oath not to thieve the Filipino people. That woman on TV, is very much of a liar ---, how could she say GSIS never gave late payment when they are two months delayed with my mother's pension? If they can to that to my mother--- they will do the same foul actions to the rest of the Filipino pensioners. "Justice delayed is justice denied." Let us pray we would have Holy Workers; workers who would honestly serve the poor and the oppressed.

rose flores - martinez


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