To Ceasar What is Due to Ceasar...

The president, Mrs. Arroyo should give the people what is due them - i could not mind so much with her affairs, but then each of us has territories... i hope she doesnt MESS with the national artists, the writers, and each one's profession/vocation. She could have given some advise and comments,

BUT PLEASE don't MESS, never MESS with something YOU ARE NOT.

As responsible professionals and good workers we need a set of body to help each other. Awards are not emergencies... they can always wait and recipients of such should work with time and devotion to his work where others benefit.

The National Artist Award is sacred to - us - writers. We have our own UNSELFISH standards. Our work is dedicated to the majority and the preservation of good art that has been toiled in the course of many many years. Reals writers and artists never earn enough ---- they GIVE MORE...NO ONE can ever stop fighting for the values they earn in their work/vocation.

Reals artists have delicadeza.

They are never for money or for popularity.

No one can appoint them, but the teachers/masters who toiled well.

They are not elitists, some of them are poor and the ordinary working class. They dont brush shoulders with famous stars or politicians. They write for students and those who want to learn, they draw, they paint.. et. al ---- Some of them grow old riding jeepneys and immersing with the poor. They dont have big cars to flaunt. And they go to places and could study because of grants and sponsors. And should they belong to rich clans ---- their hearts are always humble.

I lament the choice of wrong national artists. I hurt so much.

Let us pray GOD grants us the wisdom to fight for our cause.

Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church!


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