May the Spirit of the Lord guide me

We say that,

I pray that,

In everything I do.

For today, I will talk about FOOD

Food nourishes the body. It helps the body develop, grow, and build stamina. When you eat something, the body absorbs all that is taken and swallowed. Sea, mountain, soil, are endowed by GOD for men to have something to harvest and eat. Food is the primary basic need to satisfy and grow life.

However, food can also cause death. Little by little it can be poison. It doesn't matter whether it is cheap or expensive, what counts is: it should be good and nourishing the body. Spoiled food must be thrown. If you would crave for savings to store unsafe food, you would be spending more for medicine and hospitalization bills. Therefore, GOOD FOOD is already an investment of having sound body, mind, and spirit. Good food will make children grow lively, healthy, and smart.

Please take note of the following situations:


Last Sunday, I went for a walk to buy something at the nearest mall. Of course, I felt hungry so I had to reward myself with a snack. When I was about to finish my meal, I've tasted that the veggies were sour, and noticed the burger steak was burned on the other side. I didnt notice that because I was hungry. So I got the attention of the restaurant manager Ms. Donna of Red Ribbon, SM Bicutan and told her about the issue. She asked for apologies and would be willing to refund to me the cost of my meal. I thank her for accommodating my complain because it was their fault. But then how about if I ate the wrong food and I had this health/poisoning problem --- could they refund my life back?

I think even if they give me all the bread of Red Ribbon...harm was done. They have to keep watch of what they would be serving people.

The sour veggies was the side dish composed of carrots and corn.


Here, around Merville, Paranaque Supermarket - I bought Sweet Blend Star Margarine one time. This was the second sample after returning the first margarine product with the same defect.We discovered after my daughter, my helper Divina, and I have tasted it(second product margarine/06B27 16:15 JS) --- that taste was rancid (taste like molds). The expiry showed "It is best until December 2009" - it is only July and I bought it around 1 or 2 months ago. When we opened it the first time, the taste was not edible (after eating some) YUCK! Why is that so? I gave the the complaint to their office, called their office as I found my free time. They sent one chemist in my house and would be willing to exchange the margarine... My household ate half of it already, mistakenly - thank GOD we didn't have stomach ache... BUT WHAT IF THE FOOD WAS BAD FOR THE STOMACH? How about my daughter's stomach? My helper's stomach? Yes, they can pay the hospital bill in case something happens... their chemist (Frances C) said that. What if we ate some molds and its not just about fermentation? I was so unsatisfied with this product. In the first place --- the margarine's target market are kids who go to school, the POOR kids who couldnt buy imported butter. No one would talk. POOR people arent allowed to talk. WORKING people are too busy to complain and argue. Sometimes they just eat and have to trust the food manufacturers/handlers/merchandisers because that it their line of work and service. That is their responsibility.


Apologies are good. It is not just exchanging or changing it. It is not even paying damages. When food is taken --- ONE CANNOT VOMIT IT. IT GOES DIRECTLY TO ALL PARTS OF THE BODY. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LIFE HERE, NOT PRODUCTS NOR MONEY. LIFE HAS NO PRICE.


I have learned and wrote this experiences so should people read this article on my blog --- they could be aware that FOOD IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT NOURISHES THE BODY AND COULD DAMAGE THE BODY, AS WELL. Take note of the song "Killing Me Softly."



Doing/practicing this care in FOOD - food merchandisers and food manufacturers/traders would be acting their share in serving people through their work/vocation.


I can authenticate what good food is: I have been a housewife and had cooked for my household, for priests, for different people, learned from cooking expert for years, have written at COOK MAGAZINE, have eaten just anywhere/ big or small food outlets...

PEOPLE DONT HAVE A PRICE, NO ONE COULD BUY PEOPLE... so I abhor these food providers for letting me/us taste their BAD PRODUCTS. Is this carelessness or negligence? If it happened to me so it could happen just to anyone. I speak and write for those who cannot speak and write. Let us be careful of what we eat.

I pray that PROPER LEGAL ACTION AND/ OR ATTENTION FOR REFORM OF SERVICE SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THOSE BUSINESSES WHO WILL NOT BE DISPENSING GOOD/RIGHT FOOD TO THE PUBLIC. Strict quality control must be observed in all sectors of food handling. The government must give strict rules about this (Bureau of Food Industry, chemists, etc.), especially those who have name brands - and not just the small entrepreneurs.


May GOD send Holy workers into His church. May GOD send us all.

rose flores martinez
on food/7.21.2009


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