Work is Just Playing

Work is a gift of life. It deals with a lot of processes, and can be defined in many ways. For kids, work is just playing like building blocks, doing homework, and cleaning up tiny cabinets.

I heard from a teacher way back my younger years that when you love your work, you wont get tired doing it. It becomes a way of life and art expressed in serving and sharing with others.

If you have work, then you get paid. Of course, the need to survive and pay for basic needs and bills, though the salary comes secondary. What matters is service and making things easy and beautiful for others. It’s a sign of progress when buildings are erected, and schools, churches, and communities are built. Nations grow nearer the sky.

If you work seriously, you have to go the extra mile like working more than eight hours a day. Like staying awake sometimes and meeting deadlines and results. It is making things happen and not just dreaming and waiting for others to do things. It is doing initiatives in the thought of creating something good for people.

Work is not being ashamed of what your work is, whether you are just a street sweeper cleaning the streets, a mother cleaning the house, a student studying, or an executive dealing with the poor crowd. It is being proud of what you can do for others. It is not even waiting for affirmations because it is given with affection and responsibility sharing talents.

Idleness is a sin. The devil prowls at laziness. When boredom attacks, you have to adjust and set new patterns of work. It could be reading and sharing ideas, trading small products, or cooking ordinary vegetables, among others. Work need not be expensive – instead it will bring you to heights you’ve never imagined. The poor man who never stops working will never be abandoned by God.

Truly, if we work with love in our hearts, it is just playing and being happy every moment of work.

Rose Flores – Martinez
June 30, 2009


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