Why Write Journals

Time and time again history comes and goes, the past seen today, and the future contrived. Even the ancient times communicated to us through writings on cave walls, magical ceremonies on scrolls, and the evolution of languages.

Why write? Famous writers give us varied answers. Students say is it a requirement. And still professionals say "It is needed in my job."

The habit of journal writing forms thinking minds in each one of us. It digs deeper ideas and cultivates a more confident personality. When words are written, one exerts more effort than speaking. This brings the mind to be more alert and interactive in the everyday affairs of life.

How to write journals. Well, it's easy as ABC. Anyone can write a journal. Anyone is free to write a journal. It's a sentence or a paragraph everyday. Anything that is thought about like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's writing about people, events, and places. It's writing about yourself... and others? Of course: writing is free. The more effort and time given to write ideas would help develop one's writing progress substantially. Try automatic writing at times (anything goes), mapping (ideas form like maps), or clustering ideas (method introduced by Garbriel Rico). One may write very personal things, just like writing a diary, letters, or notes. One may also write from a topic or theme of interest. These topics would come from lectures, seminars, classrooms, office meetings, movie reviews, and self reflections.

So try. Word. Sentence. Paragraph. And when your paragraphs are ready, check and then look for words that would fit your journal to make people want to read it more. Have you tried in it in your websites, blogs, notebooks? Well, start now and see that practice makes perfect. Write!

Submitted by Rosalinda Flores - Martinez
April 4, 2009.
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