look at my blog! its like a newspaper showing ideas of other people

but isnt a blog, sharing information, too?

yes, its almost like a web diary, a journal, and so on and so forth

and its also like a blackboard, and an e-magazine

where i explore the pages and the layouts

its easy puzzle for my brain - but not, the difficult task in the academe and a prepared feature article

actually, this is monologue for me: talking alone to the paper. dramatists would know about monologues - sir isagani and sir tony perez would understand

well, i could remember our masteral classes at dlsu and knowing about the chakras, my own fiction characters, the psyche - and psychologists jung and freud

i could also remember about focus, being candid, and the easiest of all, the personal essay

sometimes i do first drafts here, sometimes i copy and rewrite my old texts, sometimes - my other published articles

maybe, this can also be a writing exercise or automatic writing

i miss talking with writers, they are full of life and compassion

i remind my students, too, as my teachers reminded me to practice everyday, and write sentences, do their pronunciation exercises - talking aloud and reading a paragraph in front of the mirror, twisting their lips. i act out. then they would laugh at me and we'd all laugh. that is how we hold our English classes



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