domestic complain

what i do:

i train the house helpers from time to time

they come and go

some of them who have loyalty and courage

last for many months with us

the others for only a week, the most is a month

it sucks, because my time is spent telling them what to do and what not to do

in my mind, i thought i've been through with this housekeeping thing

ive grown up with this all my life

when i see them, not knowing how to sweep the floor

i could not stop myself teaching them to always carry the dustpan with the broom

i couldnt stand it, when i see them sweeping and all the dust flying

i hate it when they dont return things in proper places

and even closing doors and cabinets for order

we have a small house and so it must be tidy at all times

we sleep on foams, so the floor must be very shiny

there is a thin line for germs to grow between floor and fomites

grrr... i tell them to avoid wet rags

my mouth never stops, and sometimes, for 8 hours this is my work

good morning.



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