I’ve been to a lot of places today without leaving my chair. Gotcha! Got me! Of course, you know I just got online. I’ve been exploring this internet, this gift of technology while I can, given the chance through the collaboration of good workers and my time – right now.

Truly, a sea of information on the net. It’s unbelievable but it’s real! We have engines that drive cyberculture, new media, and digital arts; a layer of control and communication that penetrates lives and people.

First, I got to check on my blog, and the blogs that I follow. I’ve learn from “sharings.” Take note of your Religion and Homeroom subjects…LOL. I mean, I learn from “I Share.” Wow, this would make the world go round and progressing. Read, and scan, or close read – as you wish. Your wish is the command to your choices of knowledge. For example: having read Sir Albert Casuga’s pages – I went to Poemhunter, from Sir Isagani’s post, I went deeper into the academe, and now – Boing Boing Videos, and to WRT: Writer’s Response Theory – and so on.

Clicking from site to site takes you to different people who shares entertainment and knowledge, where only hard bound books /materials gave before. Here, you meet with media scholars that act as messengers. Teachers, students, professionals, servants. On a survey, from the You Tube, “People today do multi-tasking, and work more than 24 hours.” Like studying, eating, doing phone calls, and working at the same time. This should mark an advancement of our lives. Yet, how far can our bodies stand stress and modern technology? They’re all in the hands and heavenly prudence.

Right now – I’m divided as to writing something serious and just writing freely. Those times that you just read, and watch, and listen, and feel, all at the same time. There are no visible classrooms, teachers, and people around; but the human brain expands full, fuller, and fullest. No talking, the walls wouldn’t answer, and there would be no oral discussion. But going up, the next step up – the second realm of life and fate, the third, the fourth… till where would technology send us? Next time, could we just transform, fly, and talk without words? Watch Star Trek!

I’m way behind compiling and writing data for sale. That’s why I’m not rich. I feel so elated where something in my stomach moves like butterflies (not toads/yuck!), and I get electrified, and my blood becomes a tidal wave in my veins. My veins couldn’t erupt, but then, something has to come out – not from my mouth: but from an expression in my heart and my mind (popular culture cliché). But hey, it’s real – there is no substitute word for that. How about being multilingual? From Sir Isagani’s post - most writers are multilingual. Moreover, I’m also fascinated by Sir Albert’s poems - smile, about the widow. That’s me. I mean I can relate to it.

Cyberculture is God’s gift of technology to us. Using it wisely and sharing its benefits to each other will bring us farther, yonder, and more, than what we can think about now.

I'll stop from here, have a nice day everyone and may GOD bless us all...

In peace,
rose, rosie, roses
thursday, may 28, 2009


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